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Welcome to Tani Senshio!

This is the wiki for the Tani Senshio campaign setting.

Tani Senshio is a 4th Edition L5R RPG campaign that is under development.

The setting is Tani Senshio, also known as the Valley of the Centipede, home province of the Moshi family and the Minor Clan of the Centipede. Over the past few years, the Empire of Rokugan has been wracked by plague, followed by civil war. The war is winding down, now, and the province of Tani Senshio is presently under occupation by the Lion Clan, with most surviving Moshi family members the unwilling hostages of the Lion.

In order to hasten the Empire’s return to normalcy, General Kitsu Motso has been appointed Imperial Governor and has been ordered to hold court. The players, for one reason or another, are attending the Governor’s Court.

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