Seppun Kossori

A high-ranking courtier of the Imperial families


Imperial * Courtier * Darling of the Court

Status: 4.0 [5.0 when actually in the Governor’s Court]
Glory: 4.0
Age 23

Extravagant clothing

Usually accompanied by at least one court attendant and a pampered Siamese cat.

May be taken as a 2 influence ally, but only by characters with Social Position or Fame.


The spoiled daughter of a wealthy and influential Seppun lord, Kossori has always been able to get anything she wanted and doesn’t see why it should be any other way. She is always dressed in rich robes and enjoys wearing more jewelry than most. Upon arriving at Tani Senshio she immediately began building her own clique at court, and several sycophantic courtiers have already been attracted to her group.

Seppun Kossori

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