Moshi Tishi

Sensei of the Goraiku school of swordsmanship


Centipede Clan Samurai * Sensei

Status 3.0
Glory 2.0
Age 23

May be taken as an influence 2 ally, except by characters belonging to the Lion or Falcon Clan. However, he is normally at his dojo, and not at court.


The son of the founder of the Goraiku school, Moshi Tishi is the sensei at the dojo and continues his father’s tradition of training bushi for the Centipede Clan. The Lion occupation has put a crimp in his training regimen as he has fewer students, and those that remain are no longer permitted to train with live steel.

Tishi is married to Moshi Reiko, formerly of the Fox Clan. They have a 2 year old son, Goichi.

Moshi Tishi

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