Moshi Jukio

Elderly Daimyo of the Centipede Clan and Matriarch of the Moshi family


Centipede Clan Daimyo * Shugenja * High Priestess of Amaterasu

Glory 4.6
Status 5.0
Age 52

Wearing: Ornate Robes.
Carrying: a beautiful fan of red silk, with polished teak woven into the silk in the shape of a stylized centipede.

May be taken as an influence 4 ally, except by characters belonging to the Lion or Falcon Clan.


The aged dowager of the Centipede Clan, Moshi Jukio once studied with the Phoenix and became a powerful shugenja while serving in the Imperial Legions. She is also high priestess of Amaterasu and nominally a sensei of the Moshi school, though rarely has opportunity to teach.

Moshi Jukio was married to an Isawa shugenja who died from the Wasting Disease some years ago. Her younger sister is Moshi Euiko and her daughter is Moshi Wakiza.

During the recent war, a vision inspired Moshi Jukio to send her daughter Wakiza to assist the Mantis Clan, thus bringing the Centipede Clan under Yoritomo’s banner. This has resulted in disaster for the Centipede Clan as the Lion Army under General Kitsu Motso invaded and occupied the Valley of the Centipede.

Jukio now operates under the polite fiction that her family is hosting General Kitsu’s army in her palace and her province, but is bitterly aware of her true status as a hostage to the Lion Clan. She is constantly escorted by three female Lion samurai acting as her “yojimbo” and is not permitted weapons, spell scrolls, or to venture near anything dangerous.

Moshi Jukio

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