Moshi Euiko

Middle-aged, retiring younger sister of the Moshi daimyo


Centipede Clan Gardener * Elderly * Nearsighted

Status 3.0
Glory 1.0
Age 43

Plain kimono

Usually accompanied by a female Matsu yojimbo.

May be taken as an influence 1 ally, except by characters belonging to the Lion or Falcon Clan.


The younger sister of Centipede daimyo Moshi Jukio, Moshi Euiko had no talent for magic and led a quiet life tending the gardens of Kyuden Moshi while her other family members were gallivanting about during the Clan War. The death of her son Moshi Diro during the Lion invasion broke her heart, and she has become very retiring. She is rarely seen at court and seems to spend most of her days hiding in her chambers, and her neglected gardens have been withering away and become overgrown with weeds.

Moshi Euiko

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