Matsu Fujiko

Ferocious female Lion lieutenant and sensei of the Matsu school


Lion Clan Lieutenant * Sensei

Status 5.0
Glory 5.0
Age 27

Katana, Wakizashi, Naginata
Heavy Armor (when appropriate)

ATN 30, 5 reduction (when armored) (-5 to Agility rolls)
ATN 20 (unarmored)

May be taken as an influence 2 ally, but only by members of a bushi school.


Matsu Fujiko is seen every morning leading the Lion troops in training drills. As a sensei of the Matsu school of swordsmanship, she prides herself in shouting the loudest and striking the hardest. The troops seem to both respect and fear her.

Fujiko is rarely seen in the Governor’s Court. She seems to think it is a waste of time. The more daring courtiers will sometimes make fun of her aggressive ways…but never when it is likely to get back to her. A Crab courtier who was newly arrived in the Governor’s Court managed to offend her, and was badly beaten by Lieutenant Fujiko before fleeing Tani Senshio in shame. General Kitsu never said a word to acknowledge the event, and the Crab have yet to send a replacement.

Matsu Fujiko

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