Kitsu Nichiko

Dutiful Lion sergeant and the General's daughter, court liaison for the Lion army


Lion Clan Sergeant * Court Liaison * The General’s Daughter

Status 3.0
Glory 3.0
Age 18

Katana, wakizashi
Fine kimono (in court)
Light armor (in the field)

May be taken as an influence 2 ally.


Kitsu Nichiko is the daughter of General Kitsu Motso and his wife, Matsu Ochiko, who died in the war. Like Motso, she did not inherit the ability to commune with her ancestors, and so she trained as a bushi with the Matsu school instead. Nichiko distinguished herself at the battle of Otosan-Uchi and rose to the rank of gunso.

Nichiko tries to avoid relying on her father’s status, instead taking the part of a common foot soldier, but when Kitso Motso was appointed Imperial Governor and began holding court, as the governor’s daughter, she seemed the natural choice to appoint as court liaison. As such, her principal duties appear to be keeping the courtiers from annoying her father or his personal staff.

[Note: If there are any Lion PCs, one of them will be appointed court liaison instead of Kitsu Nichiko.]

Kitsu Nichiko

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