Kitsu Motso

Lion Clan general and Imperial Governor of Tani Senshio


Lion Clan General * Samurai * Imperial Governor

Glory 6.5
Status 7.0
Age 42

Usually surrounded by junior officers of the Lion Army.

May be taken as an influence 4 ally.


Kitsu Motso was born the eldest son of the Kitsu daimyo, but he lacked the gift to speak with ancestors, and consequently he was passed over in favor of his younger brother, Kitsu Toju. The fact that Motso was angered and resentful over losing his inheritance is widely known, but rarely spoken of. Kitsu Motso found success in the Matsu school of swordsmanship, where he became a noted swordsman and skilled officer under Matsu Tsuko, who eventually became Lion Champion.

General Kitsu Motso rose to prominence after the fall of the Akodo family left a vacuum in the Lion power structure, soon becoming known as the Master Tactician of the Lion Clan. It was General Kitsu who commanded the defense of Otosan-Uchi in 1127 and 1128 and repelled the Crab invaders under Hida Kisada. It was in this campaign that he came into possession of a Kaiu blade, having defeated a Crab officer in a duel.

Following this victory, the Lion army began pushing Yoritomo’s army into the sea. As part of this action, General Kitsu was sent against the fortifications defending the Treacherous Pass, which were widely thought to be unassailable, and, through trickery or treachery (depending on who you ask), managed to capture them, allowing the Lion army to enter the Valley of the Centipede and sack Kyuden Moshi.

General Kitsu’s army has been occupying Tani Senshio for nearly a year now and in gratitude the Emperor has named him Imperial Governor of the province. Although Kitsu Motso is better known for his battlefield tactics than his ability as a courtier, at the request of the Imperial Herald he is holding court in Tani Senshio in an effort to help establish a sense of normality in the Empire.

Motso was married to Matsu Ochiko, a taisa of the Lion army who fell in battle at Otosan-Uchi. Their daughter, Kitsu Nichiko, serves as a gunso in the Lion army currently occupying Tani Senshio.

Kitsu Motso

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