Ikoma Kado

Lion Clan advisor to the Governor


Lion Clan Lieutenant * Advisor to the Governor

Status 5.0
Glory 5.0
Age 30

Traditional kimono

May be taken as an influence 2 ally.


Ikoma Kado was of ignoble birth and joined the Lion Army as a foot soldier. His courage and skill caused him to swiftly rise through the ranks, and eventually caused him to be adopted into the Ikoma family and appointed the personal advisor to General Kitsu Motso.

Ikoma Kado holds the rank of chui (lieutenant) in the Lion Army and is well-loved by his soldiers. He informally serves as General Kitsu’s herald and standard bearer, is a common sight at the Governor’s Court and is very friendly and approachable. While at Tani Senshio, as the senior Ikoma family member present, he has also been charged with cataloging the private library of the Moshi family.

Ikoma Kado

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