Agasha Gennai

Leader of a small group of Agasha exiled from the Dragon provinces for their loyalty to the Emperor


Dragon Clan Shugenja * Exiled

Status 3.5
Glory 3.0
Age 32


May be taken as an influence 2 ally, except by Dragon characters (unless they are Agasha family).


After Mirumoto Hitomi took control of the Dragon Clan, there were many among the Agasha family who were unwilling to follow her in continued rebellion against the Emperor. Agasha Gennai, a shugenja of the Agasha school, led a group of people who wished to leave, against the wishes of the Agasha daimyo.

Gennai was praised by Hantei loyalists, but reviled by the rest of the Dragon Clan. With his faction being the only Dragon that are socially accepted in the Imperial Courts, he has come to Tani Senshio as the official representative of the Dragon Clan — at least, official according to the Imperial Herald. The actual Dragon Clan wants nothing to do with him.

Gennai is married to Agasha Haruko, formerly of the Asako family. They have no children.

Agasha Gennai

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