Year 1123

The Scorpion Champion, Bayushi Shoju, betrays and slays Emperor Hantei XXXVIII and most of the Imperial court, including Emerald Champion (and Crane Champion) Doji Satsume. The other clans, unified under Lion Champion Akodo Toturi, retake the capital and kill Bayushi Shoju and his heir. Thinking the Hantei line extinguished, Toturi proclaimed himself Emperor. However, the Phoenix produce the Hantei heir, proclaiming him Hantei XXXIX, who is then recognized by all. The new Emperor declared the Scorpion Clan disbanded, and all its members to be killed save Bayushi Kachiko, who he took to wife. For Toturi’s temerity, the Emperor also proclaimed the Akodo family disbanded, and Toturi made ronin.

The Yogo daimyo, Yogo Junzo, fled into the Shadowlands to avoid the Imperial executioner.

The Wasting Disease appeared for the first time, hitting the capital and the northern provinces hard. The Emperor himself is greatly weakened by the plague.

Year 1124

The Crab Champion, Hida Kisada, began negotiating an unholy alliance with the Yogo daimyo and the Shadowlands. Intermittent and indecisive conflict between Lion and Crane at Toshi Ranbo.

Year 1125

The ronin Toturi begins gathering a ragtag army of ronin. The Hare Clan, previously destroyed by the Scorpion, is re-established by Imperial decree.

Year 1126

The Crab Champion declares his intention to overthrow the Emperor, and marches his army north, overrunning the Scorpion provinces and raiding some of the Crane provinces. The Yogo daimyo declares his support for Hida Kisada’s claim, and marches north with the Crab.

The Lion renew their attack on the Crane, finally capturing Toshi Ranbo despite the Phoenix reinforcing the Crane.

The Mantis Clan daimyo, Yoritomo, calls for an alliance of minor clans, to let them stand alongside the Great Clans as equals. The Centipede Clan, Fox Clan, Tortoise Clan and Wasp Clan rally to Yoritomo’s banner.

Year 1127

The Crab army meets Toturi’s army, reinforced by the Dragon Clan, at Beiden Pass, and soundly defeats him. Mirumoto Hitomi loses her sword hand in a duel with Hida Yakamo.

The Crane Clan erupts in civil war as forces loyal to the Crane Champion battled the Daidoji daimyo, who pledged loyalty to a pretender who claimed to be Doji Hoturi. The two Doji Hoturi met in a duel at the Asahina fields and the true Crane Champion was victorious. Despite this, the Daidoji daimyo refused to surrender, instead withdrawing from the field of battle.

The Emperor grew more sickly and both Hida Kisada and Yoritomo decide to proclaim themselves Emperor of Rokugan. Kisada marches on the capital, and Yoritomo lands troops on the mainland, each to press their claim.

Year 1128

The Crab and Scorpion forces arrive at the capital of Otosan-Uchi, where they are met by Lion forces under the command of General Kitsu Motso. Yogo Junzo betrays Hida Kisada, switching to join the Hantei loyalists on the field of battle. Hantei XXXIX is healed by Yogo Junzo’s magics and joins the battle personally, defeating and mortally wounding Hida Kisada in a duel. The Crab are utterly routed and forced to retreat from the capital.

Hida Yakamo becomes Crab Champion and sues for peace, sending his own father’s head to the Emperor as a gesture of sincerity. This gesture is accepted and the Crab return to the Emperor’s Peace in time for the Lion and Crab armies to meet Toturi’s army.

The ronin Toturi, at the head of a ragtag army of ronin, Dragon and Unicorn, marched next on the capital, hoping to pick up the pieces from the earlier battle. Met by a combined army of Lion, Crab and Phoenix, Toturi’s army was defeated, the Dragon champion was killed, and Toturi himself was captured and executed by Lion Champion Matsu Tsuko. Much of the Elemental Council also perished during the battle. The survivors of Toturi’s army retreated towards the Dragon mountains, led by Mirumoto Hitomi.

Following these battles, the Lion army proceeded to push Yoritomo’s army back to the sea, while the Crab army pursued Hitomi back to the Dragon provinces, where they sacked Kyuden Tonbo and laid siege to Shiro Mirumoto.

During this action, General Kitsu Motso was assigned to conquer the Valley of the Centipede. Although the fortifications guarding the Treacherous Pass were considered unassailable, they were ultimately captured by General Kitsu and Kyuden Moshi was sacked by the Lion army. Much of the Moshi family perished, having been killed or committed seppuku; others became captives of the Lion. A troop of Falcon Clan samurai was present at Tani Senshio at this time, and they laid down their arms rather than be destroyed by the Lion. Tani Senshio was conquered and placed under martial law by the Lion.

Year 1129

The present year.

Hida Yakamo remains at Shiro Mirumoto, besieging the castle, which is held by his hated enemy Mirumoto Hitomi. Hitomi is said to have gone quite insane, and a faction of the Agasha family members, disgusted with Hitomi, have fled the Dragon mountains and renewed their loyalty to the Hantei.

The Daidoji daimyo remains in rebellion against Doji Hoturi, fighting a war of attrition. But with the Empire weary of war, this is now regarded as a matter internal to the Crane clan. The Daidoji normally form the bulk of the Crane army, and as a result, the Crane Champion has been obliged to hire large numbers of ronin to bolster his army.

“Emperor” Yoritomo still rules the Isles of Silk and Spice, with no other clan able to dislodge his control of the seas. All his mainland provinces have been overrun, however, with the Wasp and Centipede provinces conquered by the Lion, and the Fox and Tortoise clans hurriedly switching back to the side of the Hantei loyalists.

In gratitude for the services of the Yogo, the Emperor has allowed the Yogo family to re-establish the Scorpion Clan, though the other Scorpion families have either been wiped out or remain in hiding.

The province of Tani Senshio remained under martial law for some time, until the Emperor elevated General Kitsu Motso to the style of Imperial Governor of Tani Senshio. The summer of 1129 has been unusually hot, and between war and drought, the harvest is expected to be rather poor. Nevertheless, in an effort to restore normalcy to the Empire, the Imperial Herald has urged Governor Kitsu to hold court at Tani Senshio, inviting samurai of all clans to attend.


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