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Places of Tani Senshio

The Valley of the Centipede is a small shelf of land, perched high above the sea in the Mountains of Regret. It is surrounded on three sides by tall and imposing mountains. These mountains are marked with snow-covered summits and hard, rocky surfaces. A few caves darken the mountainsides, inhabited by wild goats or the occasional hermit. On the east, high rocky cliffs drop down to sea level. Far below the cliffs lie a few small beaches where docks have been built to facilitate trade.

The valley is accessible only by two routes, over land and over sea. The land routes are narrow treacherous trails leading from the Treacherous Pass.

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Western Prefecture

The fortress of Seiyo no Yosai guards the narrow pass through the Mountains of Regret into the Valley of the Centipede. Lion samurai stationed here will check the travel papers of anyone entering or leaving the Valley of the Centipede.

Upon passing the fortress, the road leads into the rice fields of the Western Prefecture and the village of Ichimura. A small Lion detachment is garrisoned here. Travelers are welcomed at the Inn of Safe Travels, where the innkeeper loves to trade news and stories of the outside world.

The nests of centipedes for which the valley is named are especially common in this area.

When viewed at sunset from the Western Prefecture, the snow capped mountains can sometimes appear red, as if they are bleeding. This is always considered a bad omen.

Northern Prefecture

Yama sano Amaterasu, also known as the sacred mountain of Lady Sun, dominates the northern prefecture. At its snowy summit is Touching a Miracle Shrine. The shrine is layered in shining gold and on a clear day, can be seen for miles. Climbing the mountain is arduous and takes several days of effort.

The Palace of Kyuden Moshi, seat of the Moshi daimyo, is at the foot of the sacred mountain. The Imperial Governor makes his residence here as well, with a sizable Lion garrison. Slightly up the slope from the palace is Amaterasu Seido, the Shrine of the Sun Goddess and home of the Moshi shugenja school.

The village of Kyuden Moshi no machi surrounds the palace, with rice fields and a small marketplace that serves the needs of both samurai and commoners. Many small shrines to Amaterasu are found in the village, and traditionally all homes had windows that could open to the sky, to let the light of the Sun Goddess in.

Southern Prefecture

Somewhat out of the way of the rest of the province, the southern prefecture contains the village of Sanmura and the nearby silk works. There are occasional reports of bandits, goblins and even ogres lurking in the mountains nearby.

The eta village is here. It doesn’t really have a name, and no one talks about it anyway.

Eastern Prefecture

The eastern prefecture hugs the sheer cliffs that drop off into the sea, and also includes the beaches and docks below. A system of rope pulleys are used to raise and lower people and cargo.

The fishing village of Gomura is here, containing another Lion outpost and the Sunrise Inn, popular among sailors and fishermen.

Fishing boats and the occasional Tortoise merchantman are tied up at the Docks. A Lion harbormaster has been appointed to inspect the cargo of arriving ships and the travel papers of their arriving passengers. A small guild of pearl divers is also based here.

The Goraiku Bushi School, little-known outside Tani Senshio, where young Centipede bushi are trained, is also in this prefecture.


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