House Rules

Character Creation

Details on character creation are here.


The Akodo Bushi School is a ronin bushi school instead of a Lion school.

All Kitsune, Moshi and Tsuruchi schools are considered Fox, Centipede and Wasp Clan schools, respectively – not Mantis Clan schools.

The Goraiku Bushi School is a new Centipede school.


Members of the Clans that belonged to Yoritomo’s Alliance (specifically the Mantis, Fox, Centipede, Wasp and Tortoise Clans) may take “Different School” for 3 points (instead of 5), when used for schools from other Clans in Yoritomo’s Alliance. (The cost of “Multiple Schools” is unchanged.)

Darling of the Court may not be taken at creation, it may only be gained during game play by the mechanics described in this article.


Bad Reputation in Tani Senshio [Social] (2 points)
You or your clan has done something to make the Centipede Clan dislike you.


Yumi and yari are considered to have the “Samurai” keyword.

Void Points

Void points may be used like action points, to a limited degree. In addition to the standard uses for void points you may spend a void point to:

  • Make a declaration of some circumstance that is helpful to your character in the present situation (with GM approval).

Spending a Void Point in this way does not count towards the max 1 VP/round limit.

The GM may also occasionally award you additional Void Points when you do or say something amusing, or have a good “in character” role playing moment. These may temporarily allow you to have Void Points in excess of your Void ring.

Void Points can be regained via meditation and/or tea ceremony. However, you may only benefit from meditation or tea ceremony once per day.

Cover Identities

Certain characters may be required to maintain a long-term Cover Identity while at court (e.g. because they are a ninja, belong to a rebel family, or their true identity is otherwise not welcome in court).

Court Decisions

The Governor’s Court often has various decisions to make about the governance of Tani Senshio. In principle these are decided by the Governor, but in practice, the opinion of the court strongly influences the outcome of these decisions. Court Decisions are handled as a sort of social mini-game.

Play nice

Most players characters will have different goals, sometimes opposing those of other players. That being said, it is okay to oppose each other to some degree, but for the sake of player harmony, please avoid trying to murder each other, blatantly steal stuff from one another, or the like.

In the event that player-versus-player conflict becomes necessary due to the plot or role playing, it is requested that, when possible, this be treated as a role-playing opportunity, and not simply as a PvP conflict.

House Rules

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