Dramatis Personae

The Governor’s Court of Tani Senshio

Player Characters

(To be determined)

Non-Player Characters

Note: Some canon characters from the official L5R back story are used, but their history, position, motivations and ultimate destiny may be very different than the canon.

NPCs that are not actual members of the governor’s court are not listed here.

Lion Clan

General Kitsu Motso, Imperial Governor of Tani Senshio
Lieutenant Matsu Fujiko, sensei of the Matsu-ryu
Lieutenant Ikoma Kado, advisor to the governor
Sergeant Kitsu Nichiko, court liaison and the governor’s daughter

Centipede Clan

Lady Moshi Jukio, daimyo of the Centipede Clan and Matriarch of the Moshi family
Moshi Euiko, Jukio’s retiring, middle-aged younger sister, rarely seen at court

Imperial Families

Lady Seppun Kossori, a high-ranking courtier of the Imperial Families.

Crab Clan

None. The last Crab representative was badly beaten by Matsu Fujiko and fled court in disgrace.

Crane Clan

Doji Kurogane, the artistic nephew of the Crane Champion
Doji Oshiko, a gossipy Crane courtier

Dragon Clan

Agasha Gennai, a shugenja and leader of a group of Dragon exiles

Phoenix Clan

Asako Shiwasu, a bookish Phoenix shugenja

Scorpion Clan

Yogo Tanihime, a beautiful Scorpion courtier

Unicorn Clan

Ide Yachiro, an unassuming Unicorn courtier

Dramatis Personae

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