Campaign Premise

The campaign is set in Tani Senshio, the Valley of the Centipede, also known as the Moshi province.

A brutal clan war is currently winding down in Rokugan, with forces loyal to the Emperor gaining the upper hand. Among these are a Lion army which has occupied Tani Senshio, the home of the Centipede Clan. The Ikoma historians officially recorded this victory as being due to the brilliant strategy of General Kitsu Motso, but those loyal to the Moshi family whisper to each other that the province fell by treachery.

For his loyalty, General Kitsu has been rewarded with the post of Imperial Governor of Tani Senshio. By request of the Imperial Herald, Governor Kitsu Motso is preparing to hold court in Tani Senshio, ostensibly with the cooperation of the surviving members of the Moshi family.

For one reason or another, the player characters are attending the Governor’s court.

Game System

Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Game, 4th Edition, with some house rules.

Tani Senshio